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Wheelbarrow Boys

by | 12th, August 2004

‘MOST of us have no time for soft lighting, mood music and pointy toes when we get into the bedroom – the only thing we are interested in is SEX.

Bob The Builder is on the job

And when we’re on holiday, it’s SEX, SEX, SEX as the Sun reports that “Brits Go Bonk Bonkers On Hols”.

According to a survey, two-thirds of us have sex with at least one person on holiday, while 46% do it with three people and 20% with more than five.

The favourite sex position on holiday is The Wheelbarrow, described in romantic terms by sex writer Kate Taylor thus.

“The girl lies on her tummy, the guy stands behind her, lifts her legs and gets started”.

Second favourite is The Bucking Bronco. Over to Kate again. “The girl climbs on top and shouts another man’s name – and tries to stay on as he struggles to get free.”

And it’s quite likely that she will shout another man’s name as the survey also reveals that 79% of people who go on holiday with their mates are unfaithful.

Out of these 79%, 58% have slept with at least five people.

Of course, it should be pointed out that this survey is not a representative sample of the British public as a whole.

The Mates Xplore Sex Survey questioned 10,000 men and women in Ibiza, Magaluf in Majorca and Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

Had it included Saga holidays, for instance, we’re sure the figures would have been much worse…’

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