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Cupid Stunt

by | 13th, August 2004

‘WE somehow managed to ignore yesterday’s tabloid story of how Big Brother loser Vanessa Nimmo was left in tears after ‘a weirdo’ handcuffed himself to her at a party.

‘What do you mean I’m too wooden?’

It’s a pity the papers didn’t ignore it as this morning the whole thing turns out to have been a desperate publicity stunt for a TV programme on Sky One later this year.

And this morning the Sun again shows the 27-year-old wannabe engaged in another stunt, this time throwing a glass of water over a man at a Notting Hill diner.

‘Big Hoaxer,’ says its headline, happy to be taken in for such a good cause (namely lining Rupert Murdoch’s already well-lined pockets).

And then a Sky ‘source’ explains all.

‘Vanessa has been going out on dates with Spencer [water guy] to help him become more famous than Ed [handcuff guy].

‘She knew Ed would hijack their date on Tuesday, but she is obviously a better actress than everyone realised because she did appear terrified by her ordeal.’

As well she might be – the prospect of a life of appearances on ever more mindless TV shows like Ed And Spencer is enough to reduce even the hardiest soul to tears…’

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