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Veil Of Tears

by | 13th, August 2004

‘THAT’S not rain outside your window – those are tears from the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

Fears for Tears

The Guardian says that the Circle Of Tears is back up and running.

You can just make it out through the hole in the fence, through which they who come to splash sneaked yesterday.

But one park warden was not having it.

‘It’s not open until the 20th,’ he shouted, showing a horrible lack of respect for our dearly departed princess.

‘Excuse me,’ he went on, ‘could you please just imagine there’s an invisible line in the grass there – you cannot step over it.’

To cross the line would be to step into another dimension, to cross over into the afterlife. Something one visitor was keen to emphasise.

John Loughrey is typical of millions of us. Every week, he’s come to the memorial.

‘Diana is a big star in the universe that keeps expanding,’ says he, putting into words what so many of us think.

‘The people keep coming here. Eventually, they will have no choice but to fence it off altogether.’

Or just turn off the tap…’

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