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It Ain’t ‘Alf Hot, Mum

by | 19th, August 2004

‘IF an army truly does march on its stomach, British Tommies munching through their new Operational Ration Packs might be soon doing the Delhi Two-Step.

‘Who’s up for some turkey vindaloo?’

The Sun (‘Curry On, Sarge’) has seen that old favourites like corned beef hash, beef casseroles with dumplings and bully beef are out.

The new dishes include chicken balti, chicken madras, curried lamb and chilli with rice.

As the Mail reports, these new menus came to the fore after troops returning from stints in Afghanistan and Iraq asked for spicier food.

Major Andy Main, who researched the new dishes for the Defence Catering Group, says: ‘We did not want to make them too strong, because if troops are fighting they cannot be running to the loo every five minutes.’

Although, a powerful curry would at least give them something dangerous to shoot at the enemy, what with those famous non-firing guns, and all…’

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