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Danny’s Girl

by | 31st, August 2004

‘JOANNA Murphy (was Taylor, nee Clark) is right – now she’s married, people are “holding their breath and waiting for me to get pregnant”.

Boring, boring, Joanna

We’ve now been holding ours for the better part of a week and, although Joanna has yet to announce any impending arrivals, we have gained a unique insight into what it must be like to be the actress and now footballer’s wife.

But hark, what’s that noise? Can it be the dizzying pitter-patter of tiny feet scampering hither and thither?

Just as we are about to breathe once more, Joanna tells us that it’s not little Jake and Molly – not yet – but her and her new husband Danny’s “babies”, dogs Honey and Simba.

Thinking of them, Joanna says, with no hint to irony: “It’s just nice to feel like a family.”

Deprived of pictures of Honey and Simba, we can only reassure ourselves that the young Murphys are blessed with Joanna’s lovely blonde, glossy coat and Danny’s skills with a ball.

And perhaps even Joanna’s fashion sense, a way with clothes that leads her to honeymoon in Barbados with the words “Just Married” dotted in silver on the back of her black bikini briefs.

In case readers missed the legend the first time around, a few pages on Danny has hoisted his beloved round his middle, so allowing her to present her buttocks towards the camera.

Words that are most often written on the back of a bus or the boot of a car of Rolls Royce proportions look oddly at home on Joanna’s backside.

But before Joanna ties on an old boot to her bra strap and festoons her sensational two-piece with toilet roll and an inflated condom, she wants us to realise something desperately important, lest we get the wrong idea.

Says she: “We’re pretty boring in many ways.”

Not all ways, you understand, just many…’

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