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Chewing The Cuddle

by | 31st, August 2004

‘“AFTER the most extraordinary ten weeks of their lives, Michelle and Stuart were happy to escape the cameras and the mayhem that has surrounded them since they came out of the Big Brother house.”

Since his lobotomy, Stu and Michelle have been communicating really well

And what better way to escape the cameras than by allowing OK! to take a million photographs of you doing things that reality TV couples do when they are soooo in love.

Things like wrapping one arm around each other and another round a guitar as you grin in the Mallorca sunshine.

And other things like cuddling, cuddling again, cuddling, cuddling, sharing a cuddle, getting cuddly, being cuddled, and cuddling.

The only things that alter in Stu and Michelle’s in-depth cuddlerama are their outfits.

Hard-bitten investigative journalists like us at Anorak Towers would dearly love to know which outfit is the best for cuddling.

Since we know where each item can be bought and for how much, it’d be vital to know which garment or combo stood up best to a good smooch.

But OK! doesn’t ask. It does, however, wonder if Stu prefers Michelle with short or long hair and gives him the platform to say that “yes” he will get this hair cut “when I enter the workplace”.

We also learn that Michelle likes being recognised, and “as long as we’re not mobbed by 50 people all at the same time”, she can take it.

But not which outfit is the best for cuddling. That’s for another time…’

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