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Old Hat, New Hat

by | 31st, August 2004

‘REPUBLICANS are about as popular in New York as, say, Ann Robinson in Wales, a Durex salesman in the Vatican or, well, the Americans in Baghdad.

‘Four more years!’

But that hasn’t stopped them trying to take over the Big Apple for the party’s five-day convention, which they hope will propel George Bush to a second term as US president.

And in doing so they have ensured that they will leave the city even less popular there than they were when they arrived.

Many New Yorkers are openly resentful at what they see as Bush’s attempt to exploit 9/11 for electoral gain; others are just pissed off at the disruption the convention has caused.

According to the Telegraph, a TV station yesterday apologised for not having received a single e-mail welcoming the Republican delegates to town.

“Come of, folks,” the announcer pleaded, “let’s have some positive messages, please.”

And so to demonstrator Melissa Simon, who welcomed the Texan contingent with a little song.

“We are everything. We are rich. We are white and have all the money. We love shutting down farms and building baseball stadiums. Hooray.”

But the Texans were unabashed, wearing their cowboy hats with pride.

David Flynn, a member of the Texan legislature, told the Telegraph: “This is not a foreign country. It’s the USA. I wore my hat in London. I see no reason not to wear it here.”

And, says the Times, it was to a Brit that former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani appealed last night as he paid homage to President Bush’s steadfast post-9/11 leadership.

“Winston Churchill,” he said, “saw the dangers of Hitler when his opponents and much of the press characterised him as a warmongering gadfly.”

True, although it should be remembered that Winston Churchill’s response to Hitler wasn’t to invade Switzerland.

And, while we’re on comparisons with Churchill, we all know what happened to him in the election after the war.’

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