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Prince Of Clubs

by | 3rd, September 2004

‘QUESTION: What’s ginger, loud, untalented, a shameless self-publicist, went to America to make it big and has been linked with a princely Windsor?

Like father, like son

Yes, that’s right, it’s not Sarah Ferguson (not this time), but Geri Halliwell.

The Star (“WILLS GETS SPICY WITH GERI”) delivers the headline that will surely make the Queen weep and perhaps even pine for the days when Fergie was her chief cause of embarrassment.

But her Majesty can call off her hit squad, because this is a story that never was.

And inside the paper we read that when Wills went partying at “swish London club” Boujis, he arrived on a different day to the pint-sized chanteuse.

As a spokesman for Geri explains: ”She was not there that night. She was there earlier in the week with mates.”

While the Star sets about writing its follow-up story to this most pressing issue – “Geri Rejects Wills” – the Mirror tells us that the heir to the throne shouldn‘t have been in the club at all.

By being there he “snubbed” the launch of a book about his mum and the chance to listen to a “moving speech” by his mother’s closest friend Lucia Flecha de Lima.

The book – Diana: The Portrait – is the first authorised biography of Our Lady Of The Immaculate Handbag and has been published to coincide with the seventh anniversary of her death.

And Wills had been invited to attend the do. His decision not to do so – said to be a private mater by Prince Charles’s communications secretary, and viewed as “disappointing” by “those close to Diana” – places a black mark against his name.

Although, it must be said in is defence that, if William were to attend every event by the Diana Handwringers, he’d be booked up every night of the week until the day he dies.

And that would prevent him from living his own life and chasing his own dreams – like the one where he sets his toe on the same floor as that once stood on by the great Halliwell.’

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