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Secrets And Lies

by | 3rd, September 2004

‘DOT couldn’t keep her cancer a secret any longer and has told husband Jim and her best friend Pauline. Well, as they do say down Walford way, a trouble shared is a trouble made about a million times worse. Dot swore Jim to secrecy so the couple have been telling everyone that she’s going away to visit friends in Scotland. Amazingly, people fell for it – amazing because no-one in EastEnders has any friends.

Jim is terrified that Dot’s going to die, but that’s highly unlikely because, as she’s one of the few cast members who can actually act, producers would be mad to get rid of her.

Den Watts has also left Walford, but in his case he’s been exiled for two months for his off-screen antics. In a hastily, cobbled together storyline, Den walked out into the night after a row with wife Chrissie.

“He’s gone away to find himself,” Chrissie told Sharon and Vicky. Surely the last thing Den needs is to be trying to get in touch with himself? Touching himself is exactly what got him into trouble in the first place.

Elsewhere in the Square, Sam and Andy have set a date for their wedding. “How does two weeks today suit?” asked Andy to Sam in the caff, old romantic that he is.

Sam is struggling to find bridesmaids on account of the fact the no one actually likes her. Andy was reduced to paying Pat to agree to be her bridesmaid, and he even gave her money to buy her own bridesmaid’s dress.

“Try and get something nice,” he told her with a sigh. Indeed, with Pat there’s a very real chance that people would have mistaken her dress for the marquee.

Sam and Pat aside, the other unlikely coupling this week were Sasha and Adi. We’re meant to believe that sexy stripper Sasha finds Adi – a man who makes a PG Tips chimp look handsome and intellectual – completely irresistible.

Even Adi’s own family can’t even entertain the idea that he could ever pull a woman. When Ronnie tells Ash that he heard ‘noises’ coming from her room, the brothers jumped to the conclusion that she must have been with Tariq.

“Let’s keep it our little secret,” she told Adi. Clearly even lap dancers have some sort of reputation to keep.’

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