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Rhyme Time

by | 9th, September 2004

‘IF there is one thing that tabloid sub-editors like more than sex, it’s certainly not housework – it’s rhyming headlines.

Klum glum as bum goes numb

And this morning the Star and the Sun are fighting to outdo each other in the Fleet Street equivalent of the Detroit rap battles portrayed in the film 8 Mile.

Here’s the Sun’s introduction to a couple of ‘sizzling’ Page 3 photos of German supermodel Hedi Klum – ‘New Mum Klum Has No Tum.’

And here’s the Star’s Page 3 response – ‘Lizzy Gets Telly Tuck ‘Coz She’s Too Lardy For Suck.’

The story (such as it is) is that Wipe Swap loudmouth Lizzy Bardsley volunteered for liposuction treatment on five’s Cosmetic Surgery Live.

But she was turned down because she was too fat and too lazy – and is now pledging to have a tummy tuck instead.

Stand by for next week’s headlines about Thin Lizzy Gets Busy…’

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