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Never Say Di

by | 9th, September 2004

‘PERHAPS somewhere in Norway a blonde woman with a Harvey Nichols charge card is staring out of a frosted window, tilting her head to one side and letting out a soft mew.

Oslo, July 17 2004

It’s the kind of story that so many Di lovers are willing to believe – that she is still alive and didn’t perish in the most mundane way imaginable.

But she is dead – although only in a physical sense.

And seven years after Elton John’s last big hit (and, some say, the Queen’s too), Di is back to tell all through her good and close pal, Lucia Felcha Di Lima.

‘It’s still very difficult for me to talk about Diana,’ says the wife of the former Brazilian ambassador to Britain.

But she struggles on through the pain and, over a densely packed three pages of copy, tells the world what she knows.

Know that Di used to keep a bedroom at Di Lima’s house. Hear that Di’s mum’s leaving her when she was a child ‘created huge issues’.

Realise too that Paul Burrell was Diana’s ‘butler, not her friend’.

And understand that, although locked together in death, Di was not engaged or pregnant by Dodi Fayed.

‘He was gentle and kind, but it had no long-term future,’ says Di Lima.

And how will Di Lima remember Diana? ‘As a very special woman,’ says she. ‘As a woman ahead of her time,’ she goes on. ‘As a brave kind woman who really cared,’ she coos.

‘Diana was very like me,’ she concludes. Only taller and blonder – like a Norwegian…’

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