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Song For Whoever

by | 10th, September 2004

‘TRACEY Emin famously inscribed a tent with the names of all her lovers in the name of art.

‘There was Geri, she got me merry/ And now I’m so very…ashamed’

And now Geri Halliwell is following suit, penning a song about the failings of her various ex-boyfriends.

However, according to the Star, the artist formerly known as Ginger Spice has changed the names to keep the guilty parties guessing (and to make the rhymes easier).

Lines include: ‘There was Peter, he was a cheater/ Who couldn’t keep his hands to himself./ There was Ritchie, well, he got bitchy/ So I left him there on the shelf.

‘And there was David, when he got naked/ He didn’t have much up or downstairs.’

The Star says Halliwell hopes her exes, who include Robbie Williams, Chris Evans, Bobby Hashemi, Duncan James and Fred Durst, will go crazy trying to work out who is who.

‘Any ex,’ she says, ‘is going to be looking at it, going: ‘I hope that’s not me.”

Rather like appearing on the inside of Emin’s tent, we suspect the embarrassment of having a tiny willy will pale besides the humiliation of having gone to bed with the self-styled 32-year-old in the first place…’

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