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Apples And Oranges

by | 10th, September 2004

‘GWYNETH Paltrow is a child of the age – and, as we now know it is the age of the cleavage, the actress was showing off her bosom as she went out to lunch yesterday.

A 17th Century Jennifer Ellison

Needless to say and in the absence of another picture of Jennifer Ellison, the Mirror was there to capture this zeitgeist moment.

And this morning it plasters the results over its Page 3.

‘Swell Gwyn,’ says the headline, drawing a rather unflattering parallel between The Macrobiotic Woman and the 17th Century orange-seller who was Charles II’s mistress.

‘Her pregnancy seems to have left her with the figure she always dreamed of,’ the paper says.

‘She has seen her cleavage fill out from an A cup to a C cup, giving her the buxom look of that other famous Gwyn.’

The difference is that, while Nell’s cleavage might have had a bit of help from her oranges, Gwyn only has Apple to thank for hers…’

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