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Kicking The Habit

by | 13th, September 2004

‘THERE are many different euphemisms for sex.

Up Pompea

Shakespeare called it “making the beast with two backs”, while in the Bible it is referred to as “coming together”, “lying with” and “knowing”.

But when Sister Pompea ran off from her convent in Montevergine in southern Italy with a monk 10 years her junior, her mother superior chose her words carefully.

She insisted that “a mystical crisis” had “obliged the nun to remove herself for an indefinite period and stay with her familiars”.

The local paper, Ottopagine, was not quite so coy, according to the Independent.

“The two religious people seem to have chosen to live this urgent and overwhelming love affair without subterfuge and without secrecy…on holiday, like two ordinary lovers,” it said.

Sister Pompea’s absence was noted when she failed to turn up for teaching duties at a nursery last week.

Since when she has had so many mystical crises that Mother Ildegarde, mother superior of Convent di Loreto, said she was “worn out”.

“She is still one of us, a sister with all that entails, and waiting to give us her decision,” she said. “She still wears the habit.”

When she’s not wearing her nurse’s outfit…’

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