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Sid’s Back

by | 14th, September 2004

‘DO you remember the 1980s? All big hair, big shoulder pads and the Tory bigwigs selling off the family silver.

Sid is now a tax-exile living in Spain

If so, you’ll probably remember Sid. Sid was the elusive guy that we had to tell that British Gas was being flogged on the cheap.

Well, Sid’s back – except this time he’s a slug – and his job is to persuade us to cut down the amount of salt we eat.

The Times says Sid will make his appearance on prime-time television tomorrow to warn people that too much salt is bad for the heart.

It is apparently part of a £4m advertising campaign by the Food Standards Authority in response to figures that show 26 million British adults are exceeding their recommended 6g daily limit.

The fact that Sid is returning to our screens now after almost 20 years suggests that he has finally got through his British Gas windfall.

Rumour is he blew the whole lot on drink, drugs and a Standard Life pension…’

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