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by | 20th, September 2004

‘WHILE Britney Spears was getting married on Saturday night, the rest of us were busy copping off. Or not, as the case might be.

‘We met and had casual sex on a Saturday night. Thanks, AQA’

The Mirror says 10.48pm on a Saturday night – 12 minutes before pubs close – is the best time of the week to pull.

It is indebted to phone text service Any Questions Answered for this spurious bit of information.

Researchers there say that is the time that they receive their raunchiest enquiries.

‘Most morning texts are serious, work-related queries,’ says AQA co-founder Paul Cockerton, ‘but by evening, they’ve turned downright filthy.’

Some of the questions asked include ‘Where can I get casual sex?’; ‘My girlfriend’s away and I’m out with her best mate, who’s making eyes at me. Should I?’; and ‘Am I going to have sex with the bird next to me?’

The answers (courtesy of Anorak’s team of researchers) are ‘You can’t’; ‘In your dreams’ and ‘No – you are a sad loser who will never get laid. Ever.”

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