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Emmy And Me And Me…

by | 21st, September 2004

‘IT will take more than a terror attack to stop Sarah Jessica Parker.

”Jose Chavez, Julio Chavez, Hayley Chaw…”

The star of Sex And The City embarked on her acceptance speech after winning Best Comedy Actress at the Emmys sometime last night – and, when we last looked, she was still going.

The Mirror turned up to hear the actress start on her thank-yous, which included her co-stars, her husband, her son, her agent, her lawyer, her business manager, her publicist and passers-by.

But even it could not stay awake as she then started to thank those passers-by by name…

Organisers apparently tried to drown her out by starting up the orchestra, but even that did not deter our persevering star.

Producers then tried to take SJP out with gas, but that only had the effect of putting the few members of the audience still awake to sleep.

Snipers posted around the auditorium with orders to fire tranquiliser darts before she started readings out the Cs in the New York phone book were unable to stop her in mid-flow.

And so she continues…with people now starting to wonder which will last longer – her acceptance speech or Britney Spears’s latest marriage.’

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