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Run, Alun, Run

by | 21st, September 2004

‘THERE’S a charming picture of a fox in today’s Independent.

”The ones in red jackets are worth 40 points”

The vermin stands on a patch of grassland, surveying a scene somewhere off to the right as the sun sets behind him.

It might be a Government-sponsored still advertising the beauty of the fox. But it isn’t – not yet.

The picture is one of the front runners to win the Wildlife Photographer of the year competition, a contest backed by BBC Wildlife magazine.

It’s a lovely shot, but not as rare a picture of the countryside as the Times’ portrait of Alun Michael, the Rural Affairs Minister.

Recently, we learnt that Michael was unable to attend the Right To Roam victory ramble after his people learnt that pro-hunt demonstrators planned to hijack his attendance for political gain.

And now we hear that yesterday Michael was forced to cancel a boat trip after his pro-hunting foe arrived in a small flotilla of craft and threatened to chase him.

Around 200 protestors floated up the quayside at Weymouth where Michael had been set to board a paddle-steamer to tour Dorset’s Jurassic coat.

Soon to be deprived of a fox to get their teeth into, the pro-hunters have looked for another quarry and come up with the MP.

This is plainly unfair. For one ting, Mr Michael wears glasses. For another, he is married with two sons, three daughters and four grandchildren (or so it says on his website).

But still it goes on. A meeting tomorrow, where Michael is billed to speak at the Association of National Parks Authorities, may be cancelled.

”It is recess,” says a spokesman for the minister, who seems to have gone to ground. ”The diary is fluid and we do not routinely announce ministers’ engagements each day.”

As for Michael, the paper does finally catch up with him at an unspecified location.

”I don’t understand the mindset of people who are suggesting they would chase a minister round the countryside,” says he.

We understand his point. But if the hunting dogs don’t get some exercise, they will be unfit. And if there’s one thing the British public will not stand it’s an uncared for dog.

Perhaps if the hunters chased someone other than Michael, someone fitter and younger, things would appear to be less one-sided.

What about chasing Tony Blair? Or John Prescott? He’s slow, but hunters could allow him a head-start and let him drive.

David Blunkett? No, no and no. Alun Milburn? The dogs may have trouble getting their teeth into something that slippery.

Which leaves us with Estelle Morris. Well, she did used to be a PE teacher…’

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