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Welcome To Happiness!

by | 22nd, September 2004

‘THE happiest place in the United States right now may be Room 1001 at the Hotel Bel-Air in Hollywood, but in Britain it is the Kent town of Sevenoaks.

Chester has its attractions

According to a four-year study by Essex University, almost four out of ten people there described themselves as ”very satisfied” with life.

Next happiest is Chester, which got a 28% ”very satisfied” rating – hardly surprising as it is of course the home of Hollyoaks.

Huntingdonshire (home of Oliver Cromwell and John Major) was, according to the Mail, the least happy place in the country, with only a 9% rating.

So what is the secret of Sevenoaks’ happiness? Lots of 15-year-old girls smoking dope and downing vodka Red Bulls? Teenaged boys doing sex education practicals with their teachers?

No, the answer lies in a town’s community spirit with a direct correlation between satisfaction and the number of people who do good deeds for neighbours, join organisations like the Women’s Institute or sing in the church choir.

And are stoned when they answer surveys…’

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