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Head For The Hills

by | 22nd, September 2004

‘THE housing market may be ready to topple faster than a Saddam Hussein statue, but property on high ground could soon be in great demand.


A flat atop Ben Nevis might just be the ticket if Nasa is right and the world’s sea levels are set to rise faster than first thought.

The Times reports that the collapse of a piece of Antarctic ice the size of Cambridgeshire has triggered a surge in the region’s flow of glaciers.

This, the story goes, has ‘grave consequences for global sea levels’.

It seems the massive ice shelf, known as Larsen B, was acting as a buffer to five glaciers that would have ended in the sea.

With nothing now to prevent these rivers of ice diving in – and they are now moving eight times faster than when Larsen B was around – the world is heading for certain doom.

Of course, this is not bad news for everyone. Fish, for instance, will be none too displeased.

Nor will the country’s boat yards, estate agents in the Scottish Highlands and residents of Leicester who always wanted to see the sea from their lounge windows…’

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