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Half Baked

by | 23rd, September 2004

‘HOW much does a plate of beans on toast cost?

‘And this is what me and me mates call a fruit salad’

An unfair question of course, given that Anorak readers never touch the stuff.

But we ask the question in the same spirit that high court judges are sometimes asked to give the price of a pint of milk to the nearest guinea.

The answer – depending on which paper you take – is: £6 (Mirror), £7 (Star) or £8 (Mail).

A bit steep, you might think, but this isn’t any old plate of baked beans. This is “Baked Beans Bruschetta”, and it was created by Zoe Brotherton, who is a trainee at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen.

The Star says that Zoe invented the dish while “experimenting with foods”, and that she “wanted to create something which diners will enjoy, is simple and nutritious and fun”. Well, two out of three isn’t bad.

The thrifty Mail gives the recipe, which includes balsamic vinegar, tomato, wild rocket and Parmesan.

Yet oddly, the baked beans are by Heinz, rather than the own-brand sold at Jamie’s own sponsors Sainsbury’s, where good food famously costs less (or so our housekeeper tells us).’

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