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Word On The Street

by | 25th, September 2004

‘MAGAZINES love coining new phrases, finding the word that encapsulates the spirit of an age or style.

Who’s the wanksta in the hat?

We’ve had Sloane Rangers, Brat Packs, Rat Packs and all manner of yuppies, newbies and wannabes.

Now the magazine asks its readers to take a look at David Beckham, the man who is hereby branded a “WANKSTA”.

“Hey, Davis Beckham, wassup?” asks the caption to a typical shot of our hero clad in American basketball vest, cropped jeans and flip-flops. “Not those pants for much longer,” comes the rather sarcastic answer.

If the glibness with which the Americans are treating our beloved family man was not enough, above the same shot hangs the legend: “TOTAL WANKSTA.”

Now, we should explain that America and Britain are allies divided by a common language, and what Britons may take to be a slight on Beckham’s private activities means something different in the States.

For the American definition we are indebted to the great 50 Cent, the American rapper.

“Wanksta (wang’sta) – a person who falsely assumes the characteristics, dress or mannerisms of a gansta syn. See Vanilla Ice.”

Or see David Beckham, who is in fine company with Justin Timberlake, Aaron Carter and Nick Lachey.

Looking at the pictures of this streetwise posse, many Britons may find themselves uttering their own interpretation of the 50 Cent neologism.’

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