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Town In The Dumps

by | 27th, September 2004

‘LUTON enjoyed a brief period of celebrity in the 1970s thanks to a Campari ad featuring Lorraine Chase saying, “Naah, Luton airport”.

If only it were a bomber

Her catchphrase even spawned a minor hit single by the improbably named Cats UK.

After that, and the football team’s Littlewoods Cup triumph over Arsenal at Wembley, it drifted back into obscurity.

Until now, that is. For today’s Mirror reveals that the Bedfordshire town is top of the pile once again – albeit a pile of ordure.

Luton has been voted the “crappest” town in Britain in a poll conducted by people with nothing better to do at the Idler magazine.

Windsor came second, Sunderland third, and London 17th, two places above last year’s winner Hull.

Luton council leader David Franks dismissed the findings as “a load of nonsense”.

“We are one of the only towns in Britain to have a multiplex cinema in the centre,” he said.’

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