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List Again

by | 27th, September 2004

‘HERE’S a poser for you, courtesy of the Express.

The ingredients of a feature

“Why are we so fascinated by LISTS?” asks its headline, on a page laid out in a way that uncannily resembles its bitter rival the Daily Mail.

Of course, when they say “we”, they clearly mean “we, the desperate news and features editors who fill our pages with spurious list-based stories every day.

This is inadvertently made clear in the final paragraph: “Have you any lists, past or present, produced either by yourself or someone in the family, or one you cut out because it amused or fascinated you? We’ll print the best of them.”

And when they’ve printed the best of them, they’ll eke out the theme with the rest, you mark our words.

Watch this space for further updates.’

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