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by | 27th, September 2004

‘WHEN Anorak’s unisex Comfi-Skirt first hit the shelves, many fashion watches said it would never catch on.

‘Tony says it matches my eyes’

How wrong they were – although bigotry means that many thousands of men who bought the garment prefer to wear it only indoors or under their trousers.

But times do change, and we read with great interest the Independent’s article that last year one-in-four professional males between 25 and 34 bough a “man-bag”.

While three-quarters of men prefer to look stupid with briefcases, rucksacks or just stuffing their things into their pockets and bin liners, a sensible 25% have a bag with a space for everything.

However, fashion expert Wayne Hemmingway is on hand to say that the best way to wear these bags is not with a silk pashmina or even Comfi-Skirt but with irony.

“I see a lot of lads who are not doing it with a healthy sense of humour,” says he. “They need to develop one pretty quickly.”

Then they can laugh along with everyone else…’

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