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The Abi Habit

by | 28th, September 2004

‘WE are used to footballers issuing “come and get me” pleas to prospective employers via the back pages of the tabloids, but it is unusual to find this sort of thing on the “news” pages.

Carry on, nurse

As ever, however, Abi Titmus is a pioneer in this regard. And of course, her plea is not business but pleasure.

Where once a well-brought-up gal would have conducted her life via the social pages of the Tatler and The Times, today, they are just as likely to use the good offices of the Sun.

Today’s paper informs us that Abi has finished with her latest man, Little Britain star David Willliams, and is now hoping to hook up with Robbie Williams.

“Abi: I’m ready for you, Robbie,” announces the headline, for all the world as though Titmus were still a nurse, ushering a procession of men into her treatment area.

But this is an altogether grander situation, and the paper has entered into the spirit by printing a “stiffy” (that’s a formal invitation, for the benefit of any casual browsers from the lower orders).

The card invites Robbie to join Abi at the Ritz, but he’d better RSVP soon, as Abi isn’t short of offers.

The paper reports that after this week’s Celebrity Awards ceremony, she was “pursued” by love rat James Hewitt “in full charm mode”.

The offer was “politely declined”.’

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