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Past ‘It’?

by | 30th, September 2004

‘“I BECAME invisible, a nonentity, someone who gets in the way,” announces the Daily Mail headline, quoting the words of veteran “It-girl” Tamara Beckwith.

Egg head

Our only quibble with the quote is the word “became”, which suggests that this state of affairs is something new.

Once one reads the article itself, the context becomes clearer.

Tamara has conducted a social experiment, by going around disguised as an old lady. And although she probably didn’t go so far as to smell strongly of urine, she seems to have done a fairly convincing job.

She visits her regular haunts and records on the reaction she gets. “May I have a dry sherry?” she asks in a “trendy young bar in the King’s Road”. No she can’t – they don’t stock it.

Next, she visits a “several high street stores, more suited to teenage girls”. Amazingly, they are unable to supply “a cardigan with buttons to keep out the cold”.

And so on. But there is a ray of hope.

She rings Wayne Rooney’s agent and, in her best pensioner voice, asks if he would like a date. Five minutes later, she receives a call saying he’d be delighted.

NB: One of the above stories is not true. A tin of Ovaltine for the first ten readers to give the correct answer.’

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