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Les Miserables

by | 3rd, October 2004

‘HERE’S the burning question of the week for you to debate with your therapists: “Why do the Olsen twins always look so miserable?”

The twins perked up when they heard Kevin and Britney may not last

The obvious answer is that they are miserable.

A more complex explanation is that they are gifted actresses, both adopting a front that they hope will make them look interesting and deep.

There are a myriad answers to this hot puzzler. And we ask you out there to send in why you think Mary–Kate and Ashley Olsen – worth a reputed $150 million each – are looking so glum.

Is it because they are so thin that the energy needed to fire up a smile would cause them to pass out?

Could it be that they know something, their minds are troubled by a deep and hideous secret?

Or are they sad because Kevin Federline is no longer on the market?

After, all, what rich girl isn’t..?’

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