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Desperate Measures

by | 4th, October 2004

‘THE Conservative party begins its conference in Bournemouth today with the Tories in worse shape then when Iain Duncan Smith was at the helm.

‘Keep the Germans off our sunbeds!’

A party capable of this astounding accomplishment should, in theory at least, be capable of doing anything, perhaps even winning the next General Election.

But the Times thinks these are tough times for the Tories, as it publishes on its front page the results from a poll which shows the Conservatives seven points adrift of Labour.

But the Telegraph has commissioned a poll of its own, and, as is the way with these things, finds hope for party leader Michael Howard, the man the Labour party are billing as Desperate Dan on campaign voters.

“Cut taxes and we’ll vote Tory,” says the headlines, a clear suggestion that if the Conservative policy is to reduce the tax burden, the floating voters who decide major elections will back the blues.

Only they might not because a look back at the Times’ poll shows that a section of what would most probably have been Tory voters are now backing UKIP.

Indeed, we are meant to believe that a not inconsiderable 5% of the electorate would vote for former Tory MP Roger Knapman’s muckers.

That’s Ro-ger… Kn-a-p-man… Yes, he does have rather a low profile, which is at odds with the man who leads the UKIP’s media charge, one Robert Kilroy-Silk.

There’s the man who would be a mandarin in the Guardian, pumping the air with his fist as UKIP members meet for their annual conference in Bristol.

The Guardian says that Kilroy is “openly impatient” to get control of the party and rules out any deal with the Tories.

“The Conservative party is dying, why would you want to give it the kiss of life,” he said in full daytime TV mode. “What we want to do is kill and replace it. That is our destiny.”

So, the future is not blue, it is orange. Although, given the split in Tory ranks, it’s most likely to be Labour red…’

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