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Oh Deer

by | 4th, October 2004

‘AS one infamous school teacher once asked: “How can you have your pudding is you don’t eat your meat?”

Tastes a little sweet

Of course, these days you can, because thanks to the massive leaps forward in food science, your pudding is now indistinguishable for your meat, it being made from the same exotic blend of additives, stabilisers, emulsifiers and crushed hoof.

But some diners remain unimpressed at the wonder of engineering that is the school lunch.

And, as the Guardian reports, children in the Highlands of Scotland are going to be offered an alternative: the Bambi burger.

Talking about the benefits of lean venison meat and how 70,000 wild deer are culled each year, the paper says that the logic of serving up deer to little children is “irrefutable”.

But we’re not so sure. Eating Bambi might be good for the digestion, but is it all that wholesome for the soul?

Will this be the lean edge of a fatty wedge? Will Bambi burgers lead to us eating other Disney-type creatures, like cuddly rabbits, flying elephants and talking crickets?

How long before the children of Scotland are eating princesses, big bad wolves and (gulp!) morsel-sized dwarves?’

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