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A Question Of Taste

by | 5th, October 2004

‘THERE are manifold reasons not to vote for the Tory party in next year’s election, but their cultural tastes must be chief among them.

Star Trek 2345671: Spock’s Return

As part of an attempt to “humanise” a shadow cabinet that includes John Redwood, some bright spark in Central Office thought would-be ministers should reveal their favourite film and the last book and CD they bought.

After all, what is more likely to sway Mondeo Man and Worcestershire Woman in a close race than the fact that Nicholas Soames is a Dido fan or John Redwood reads poems about cricket?

However, ever since Lady Thatcher chose Rolf Harris’s Two Little Boys as her favourite song, this has been an exercise in making politicians look even more ridiculous – and less human – than they are.

And it is shadow ministers’ suspect (in both senses) taste that really leaps out from the list of answers supplied by the Times.

The last CD Michael Ancram bought, we are supposed to believe, was Meatloaf, while David “Two Brains” Willetts purchased Keane and Caroline Spelman is a fan of Sting.

John Redwood’s favourite film is The Lord Of The Rings, both David Willetts and Liam Fox nominate Bladerunner and Theresa May opts for The Fugitive.

All of which will of course make absolutely no difference come next summer when the only show in town will be Blair 3: The Nightmare Continues…’

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