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by | 5th, October 2004

‘SURE there’s the sea, the sun and the Sanatogen, but what else has Bournemouth got that makes it such a haven for political activism?

The Tory conference gets underway

First the Lib Dems and now the Tories have headed for the south coast resort for their annual shindig. Why?

Mindful of this question, we turn to the Mail and read how Anthony Cleveland, a 46-year-old sales merchandiser, and 44-year-old secretary Marcia Smallman have been found guilty of dogging on one of the region’s many beaches.

The couple were said to have erected a windbreak among the sand dunes of the wonderfully named Studland and performed “sex acts” while two naked male strangers looked on.

The pair admitted outraging public decency and have been sent on their way.

But what intrigues us is the date of their arrest: June 27 this year.

Unless we are mistaken (and we’ll carry on until we’re told we are), that’s around the date when political parties choose the venues for their autumn conferences.

Can this be mere coincidence? And who were those two men seen observing Cleveland and Smallman?

All we know is that one had red hair, a Scots accent and smelled of sherry, while the other wore glasses and carried a small tattoo of Margaret Thatcher on his left buttock…’

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