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by | 7th, October 2004

‘IF the voting age in the United Kingdom were lowered to 12, we could expect Michael Howard to win the next General Election in a landslide.

Here’s to the Tories regaining power in the year 3000

News is that Busted, the biggest-selling boy band in Britain, have come out as Tories, prompting the Guardian to ask whether this is “the tipping point, the moment the zeitgeist finally swings” away from Tony Blair.

The answer is of course not – the voting age in Britain is still 18, which is almost double the age of the average fan of Charlie, Jay and the dark-haired one.

Anyway, anyone old enough to remember Red Wedge will know that an endorsement from a pop star is very much a mixed blessing for a political party.

For a pop star to admit to being interested in politics, however, isn’t even a mixed blessing – and the Guardian thinks Busted’s confession in this month’s Tatler magazine is nothing if not brave.

In the interview, Charlie Busted said: “I don’t really like politics, but I’ve always grown up with their views – the Tories’ way of doing things. I prefer it.”

And Jay Busted admitted: “Yeah, actually, you know what, I am not going to be ripped off and more. From the financial position I am in now, I am a fucking Tory boy too.”

As for Dark-Haired Busted, who cares what he thinks?’

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