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A Bridge Too Far

by | 8th, October 2004

‘WHEN Iain Duncan Smith was unceremoniously thrown out of his job as leader of the rabble that is the modern-day Tory party, we knew he wouldn’t go quietly.

The new IDS lighthouse will keep the bridge safe

As befits the man with the most famous cough in British politics, IDS continues to be a big noise on both sides of the Atlantic.

In fact, so full is IDS’s schedule that we are yet again indebted to our friends at the Times for keeping us up-to-date with his movements.

And we can therefore report that the most talented politician of his generation’s abilities are not going to waste.

He recently wrote an article in the Spectator in support of George Bush which apparently found its way into the President’s personal box of papers (albeit with all the long words taken out).

And he followed it up with a note to Bush, which also we are told found its way into Dubya’s private papers.

Buoyed by his success toadying up to the so-called leader of the free world, IDS sees a new role for himself.

“He will form a bridge across the Atlantic for the Conservative Party,” says an aide.

A role we think that will suit him perfectly – after all, he has plenty of experience of being walked over by his colleagues…’

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