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by | 11th, October 2004

‘DID David Beckham cheat on his pregnant wife Victoria with a beautician flown out to Madrid to give them both fake tans, as yesterday’s Sunday Mirror claimed?

True or false?

Or is Dannielle Heath a ‘ruthless man-eater’ who made the whole story up to try to blackmail the England football captain, as this morning’s Sun has it?

We have even less idea than the papers, which are nevertheless happy to repeat the allegations in all their gory details while also recording the Beckhams’ strenuous denials.

The Mirror, for instance, reports that Posh, who met Dannielle on a visit to a tanning salon in Essex, introduced her to her husband with the words, ‘David, this is Dannielle. Dannielle, this is David – you’ve probably shagged already.’

And the Sun tells how Dannielle alleges she was seduced by David on both occasions she visited the couple’s Madrid house – once in August of this year and once last month.

‘I had been flown out to apply a fake tan and we ended up sunbathing by the pool,’ she claims.

‘He complimented me on my figure and I told him I wanted to lose about half a stone. David told me ‘Don’t – you’re perfect as you are.’

‘I was really flattered. He rubbed some cream on my body and started to get aroused. He asked me to go inside to his bedroom and lie down next to him.’

What did or did not go on behind closed doors, dear reader, we leave to your imagination.

What is far more interesting, however, are the little details in the various different accounts.

For instance, now we know that the Beckhams prefer to fly someone out from Britain to apply their fake tans rather than hire someone in Madrid.

We also learn, courtesy of the Mirror, that you’re never too young to be orange – five-year-old Brooklyn apparently also had a spray tan so he could ‘look just like mummy’.

And we are once again reminded that you can barely walk a step in the Beckhams’ various mansions without stumbling upon one set of in-laws or another.

Dannielle claims that David’s mother Sandra once walked in on her while she was sitting on the edge of her bed talking with the Real Madrid midfielder.

Meanwhile, David insists that the affair couldn’t have taken place as described because his mum and the couple’s nanny Abi were there the whole time.

And no doubt Victoria’s mum Jackie Adams also saw the whole thing from the wardrobe where she was hiding…’

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