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Art Attack

by | 11th, October 2004

‘TWO things strike us odd about the Prince Harry A-level story.

‘And this is my portrait of Posh Spice’

Firstly, how does an art AS-level get you into Sandhurst, the school for would-be Army officers?

Is Harry not so much going to fight as he is paint pictures of the battle scenes or create an installation for spent shells and forgotten limbs?

Secondly, we note in the Times’ article that Harry scored a B grade for his artistic efforts.

Yes, a B. We can now officially say that Prince Harry is as thick as two short, fat planks, the only student in the land not to have scored a perfect A grade in his end-of-year exams.

For shame.

As for the story proper – Sarah Forsyth, a former probationary teacher at Harry’s old school, Eton, claims in a case of unfair dismissal that Harry cheated in his art exam.

The Prince denies the claim, as does the school. Indeed, Eton even took Harry’s paper to the examination board Edexcel for remarking.

And it came back with that hideous and embarrassing B grade intact.

It seems unlikely that Harry cheated, although this being a case still open we are reluctant to judge any further.

We only say that Harry is a game lad, who does not need to have his intellect challenged in this way.

A B grade, indeed – his face must be as red as his hair…’

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