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Dannielle Gets Stick

by | 12th, October 2004

‘YESTERDAY, we learned that Dannielle Heath, the woman who claims to have bedded David Beckham, was a ‘ruthless man-eater’ who was out to blackmail the England captain.

Tan Dan’s looking a bit wan

This morning, it gets worse for the 22-year-old ‘tanning expert’ – she is a ‘raging nymphomaniac who uses sex to get what she wants’.

And the Sun has the pictures and text messages to prove it, courtesy of former boyfriend Danny Chandler, who claims she cheated him out of £8,000.

‘Danny said he was lured by Dannielle’s amazing appetite for sex and kinky romps,’ the paper explains.

‘He said she bragged of threesomes, liked being tied up, asked to be woken daily by an unnatural sex act, and loved to romp in his sports car – even cavorting with his GEARSTICK.’

If that is not shocking enough, she used to bombard him with filthy text messages even after they had split up.

One says: ‘Ok dan just wanted u 2 **** me ****! 4 ages and ** *** **** and wat u want.’

We are simple souls here at Anorak Towers – we may be able to solve the Times crossword in under five minutes but, try as we might, we are unable to decipher the above message.

Luckily, however, we know a man who can and so we have forwarded it to our expert in Madrid.

We’ll have the answer for you tomorrow – as long as his wife doesn’t get hold of the message first.’

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