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A Question Of Taste

by | 13th, October 2004

‘BURGER giant McDonald’s is to change its logo – the famous Golden Arches will soon be no more.

‘Nice man breasts!’

It’s all part of a makeover that, according to the Daily Mail, will re-brand the company as a provider of healthy foods for figure-conscious people.

Admittedly, the old logo did resemble a pair of ‘man breasts’ of the type sported by many burger-munching customers.

Perhaps it was indeed time for a change. The question is: what does one put in its place?

It turns out that McDonald’s have opted for the old politicians’ trick of answering a question with another question.

The new logo consists of a selection of ‘healthy’ foods – salad, fruit, eggs and, er, bagels – with a large golden question mark.

Which will probably be the reaction of the average customer, as he ploughs through piles of chopped lettuce in an increasingly desperate search for the usual reward of a shrivelled grey ‘pattie’ smeared in fluorescent cheese.’

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