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Spotted Dick

by | 14th, October 2004

”SCHOOL computers censored a kids’ panto – because it’s called DICK Whittington,’ sniggers the Star.

The greatest Dick of all

Actually it’s called ‘Dick Whittington’ not ‘DICK Whittington’, but the capital letters are there to alert busy readers to the key word.

The paper reports that panto bosses emailed primary schools to ask if they wanted the play performed in assemblies, but the emails were deleted by a computer censor designed to screen out smut.

The word that caused the trouble was of course ‘Dick’ – and it’s sad to think that even an innocent name like that can be interpreted in such a cynical way.

And then there’s another factor to consider. In this context, ‘Dick’ has other connotations, which may be every bit as disturbing.

The paper reminds us that Dick is the first word of a panto ‘in which stars like Jim Davidson have delighted generations of youngsters’.

Although we are usually opposed to censorship, there are limits. On this occasion, there seems to be no case to answer.’

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