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Frogs Croak

by | 15th, October 2004

‘NEWS that frogs could be wiped off this planet within the next few years would normally be greeted with wild celebrations here in Anorak Towers.

‘Gizza kiss!’

However, a glance at the picture on the Guardian’s front page quick stops us in our tracks.

For it is our amphibious friends who are in danger of extinction, not our, er, European partners on the other side of La Manche (as they persist in calling the English Channel).

And it is not from a surfeit of princesses coming up, kissing them and condemning them to a life as a charming prince either.

The Guardian says no-one knows exactly what is causing such widespread devastation among frogs, toads and other amphibians – ‘but it is likely to be loss of habitat to pollution, climate change and increasing competition with humans’.

Not to mention what is known in amphibian circles as The Stolen Generation – the millions of tadpoles callously removed from ponds over a number of years and imprisoned inside old jam jars…’

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