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by | 15th, October 2004

‘IT is hard for anyone who is not a Manchester United fan to feel even the slightest twinge of joy at news that the club have seen off the takeover bid from American Malcolm Glazer.

‘Foul, ref! Book him!’

The game itself has long since become a mere distraction for the world’s biggest football club as it goes about its primary purpose – making money.

And that is just as well because United have hardly been setting the world alight with their performances on the pitch in recent months.

So much so that the Sun’s back-page headline screams: “Fergie’s History.”

Further investigation reveals not that the Old Trafford boss is facing the axe, but that Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger believes the current side are maybe not as good as their predecessors.

Hardly incendiary stuff – in fact, an observation with which Sir Alex would probably agree.

But anything that keeps the interminable row over David Beckham’s deliberate yellow card out of the papers is good news as far as we’re concerned.

The latest, for anyone who is still awake to this saga, is that the FA could well take action against the England captain.

The Mail says Sven Goran Eriksson’s attempts to draw a line under the whole affair have come to nought and Beckham may now face some sort of punishment.

However, Beckham would do well to listen to his manager’s advice, as conveyed via the Independent.

“I think on this occasion that David should think next time that talking is silver, being quiet is golden.”

If Eriksson must wonder sometimes what he took on when he agreed to become England boss, it’s nothing compared with Berti Vogts’ trauma.

The German has been roundly criticised for his record as Scotland boss and is next week likely to be relieved of his job.

The Daily Record has been particularly vociferous in its campaign against Vogts, its back page yesterday inviting him to “gae tae f***”.

But it is worth reminding ourselves that Scotland were in freefall before Vogts took over.

If he has made a pig’s ear of things, it’s only because he started off with a sow’s ear – and we all know that they are not easily made into silk purses.’

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