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Agent Orange

by | 20th, October 2004

‘ANORAK has long suspected that since Robert Kilroy Silk lost his seat as a Labour MP, he has been working undercover for the good of the party.

”I done you up like a UKIP-per!”

He took a job as a chat show host, he dyed his skin orange and he even posed as an Arab-hating bigot in an attempt to cover his true allegiances.

But like a Messiah working to a tight timetable, he has risen again to help his old colleagues in their time of need.

His mission? To infiltrate and destroy the UK Independence Party.

And it is a job he is doing to the best of his considerable abilities as this morning’s Independent explains.

Agent Orange, as he is known in Labour party circles, is busy tearing apart the party from inside with his determination to unseat party leader Roger Knapman.

And, despite a poll of constituency party chairmen revealing that he has only 13% of their support (compared with 69% for Mr Knapman), our hero is determined to press on.

His supporters immediately condemned the poll as a “Mugabe-style plebiscite” and Kilroy himself insisted (as the true democrat that he is): “Nothing will make any difference.”

The effect has been immediate. Having already alienated the party’s chief financial backer Paul Sykes, this time it is Kent millionaire Alan Brown who is withdrawing his support.

At this rate, the party should be leaderless, pennyless and completely hopeless by the end of the month.

And Kilroy can at last break his cover and take the seat on the Labour front bench that his talents so obviously demand.’

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