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Prince Pushy

by | 22nd, October 2004

”’HEY, Harry, who did your A-levels for you then, mate?” asks an unknown voice from the crowd.

”Know what I mean, ‘Arry”

Simple enough question, on the face of it. But still Prince Harry Windsor managed to give a wrong answer. Perhaps he needed some help.

So with a rush of blood to the head, the Star says Harry simply erupted out of the car taking him home after a boozy night out in London’s West End and offered the clever retort: ”You f***ing w***ker. Why are you doing this to me?”

He then, as the Sun says in a piece entitled ”Harry Potty”, lunged at photographer Chris Uncle, pushing him into wall and shoving his camera into his face. Minders then bundled him back into his waiting car and drove him away.

”Harry lost it,” says Uncle inside the Sun alongside a photograph of the bloodied lip he received from the fiery prince.

”He’s a big lad and pretty intimidating,” Uncle goes on. ”He hit my camera which smashed into my face. You don’t expect this from a Z-list celebrity, let alone a prince.”

But Harry doesn’t need to be big to fight battles, not when he’s surrounded by a phalanx of burly security guards and protected by what the paper terms ”a senior Clarence House source”, who tells the Sun:” It’s fair to say Harry was fired up. He’d been drinking and was tired and emotional.”

Or, to put it another way, he’s a 20-year-old lad out on the town for a spot of binge drinking, splashing out £300 on a bottle of vodka and tequila slammers (Express) at Pangaea nightclub and then getting into a fight.

Try replacing the words ”tired and emotional” with ”pissed and violent”.

But before the Express can add Harry’s name to the article ”Violent Britain…It’s Getting Worse”, a study in rising levels of crime, and label Harry a brainless yob, the Sun’s royal snapper, Arthur Edwards, wants to share his thoughts.

”I have every sympathy for Harry – he walks straight out of a club into the ‘Nikon choir,” says Edwards, whose scoops include taking pictures of the back of Prince Charles’ balding head.

And here’s James Whitaker, that royal raspberry, telling Mirror readers that he too has a ”degree of sympathy” for Harry, who has ”all the charm in the world” (see Chris Uncle’s lip).

And even the Mirror’s staff photographer, Harry Page, laments how a few bad apples in the paparazzi barrel give them all a bad name.

”By losing his temper he has played straight into their hands,” moans Page – whose too true and wise words appear to the right of six pictures of Harry displaying his famous, er, charm…’

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