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Midfield Terrier

by | 27th, October 2004

‘WHEN Pickles the dog discovered the Jules Rimet trophy after it had been stolen in 1966, dogs rose to a special place in the hearts and minds of football fans.

Nowadays, the sprit of Pickles lives on in Jake the terrier, whom fans of Plymouth Argyle had hoped would be entertaining them at half-time. This is the dog, after all, that can do 20 headers in a row.

But Jake been prevented from performing so by health and safety officials.

Argyle spokesman Rick Cowdery said: ”We thought Jake would be great entertainment. But there were concerns he might do what all dogs do on grass and pose a risk to players.”

The clubÂ’s owner Tony Slark complains: ”He’s so regular there’s as much chance of him messing the pitch as of Plymouth winning the European Cup.”’

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