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All The Presidents’ Man

by | 27th, October 2004

‘FORGET the Paul Smith suits and casual knits and look out for Tony Blair’s next sartorial statement – flip-flops.

”Whoever wins, I’m sure Tony will do exactly what the President tells him to”

The Times says that, after months of silence on the matter of links with US Democrats, Downing Street has finally admitted that Tony Blair has talked with Presidential hopeful John Kerry.

What’s more is that Tony has even met with George Bush’s rival for the job as leader of the free world on two occasions.

Speaking at a press conference, the Prime Minister appeared to clear up this small matter with a deliberately complex statement.

“It’s not correct that I haven’t met him [Kerry],” said Tony. “But I think it’s best that I stay out of that, particularly at the moment.”

Why he thinks it best, he doesn’t say – not with any number of negatives, double or otherwise.

And since when has Tony Blair thought it inappropriate to have an opinion of another country’s elections.

Anyone heard of Iraq?’

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