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The Green Queen

by | 1st, November 2004

‘EVER since the Queen opted to travel exclusively by a horse-drawn golden coach, we have applauded her environmentally responsible approach to life.

The transport of the future?

But there is more than to Her Majesty’s green credentials than horse manure and the solar panels in her crown, and the Mail has seen a few of the changes she’s made.

Before Wednesday, when the green Queen will address a conference on climate change in Berlin, the Mail would like its readers to consider the Queen’s record to date.

And it is impressive.

For starters, the fleet of royal limousines has been converted to run on environmentally-friendly liquefied petroleum.

Light at Buckingham Palace is given by energy-saving light-bulbs. The Palace’s skylights have been double-glazed and a recycling programme implemented.

Other than the Royal Family moving from their palatial London residence into a small castle – or ”flat” as royals call it – we struggle to think what more the Queen could do to save the planet.

Until that is we turn to the Express and note that the new phone mast raised on her Balmoral estate has been painted – you guessed it – green.

The mast – raised after police officers trailing the Queen as she shoots wildlife complained that the area’s poor reception made their mobile phones useless – is also partly obscured from view by pine trees.

This is pioneering stuff, and today we urge you to follow Her Majesty’s brave lead and go green.

But if you don’t have a Scottish estate to reequip with Earth friendly gadgets, try to do what you can do – like buying some green wellies and making a pair of gloves from an old corgi…’

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