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In The Can

by | 1st, November 2004

‘MARTHA Stewart (prisoner 1CUPSODA2ONECUPWATER) is trying to make friends and influence people at the Alderson federal prison in West Virginia.

Glock Pie

Beginning her five-month sentence for fraud and obstructing justice (among other charges), the queen of chintz is making herself at home in the Big House.

But she must at first appease the mad dogs who already live there, some of whom have kindly asked Martha to make their beds, do their laundry and buy supplies for them from the commissary.

If she does this, then all will fine and her face will be as rearranged as her new room.

But Martha is not one to lie down and has decided to win over her new roomies by asking them to submit their favourite recipes for her new cookbook.

So look out for Cup Cakes with nail file filling, spaghetti with speedballs and knuckle sandwiches…’

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