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Bear Necessities

by | 2nd, November 2004

‘AS well as voting for a (new) President today, Americans will be polled on any number of proposals to change state law.

”And can I have that with extra pepperoni?”

According to the Times, Alaska could become the first state of the union to legalise the smoking of cannabis; South Carolinans will be asked whether to keep barmen serving spirits from minibottles; and in Maine, the big issue is whether to stop hunters tempting bear with pizzas.

The last issue is a particularly intriguing one – but the paper doesn’t tell us whether this is because it is a waste of perfectly good pizza, because they are trying to encourage a more healthy lifestyle among black bears or what.

What we do know is that for the amount of money spent on this campaign every bear in America could eat at Pizza Hut every night of their life.

The Times puts the figure at $1.2bn so far – which means that most of the bears could have a pretty good crack at the salad bar as well…’

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