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A Waste Of Money

by | 3rd, November 2004

‘REMEMBER where you heard it first – John Kerry is the new President of the United States.

The Anorak balloon poll predicts a 2-1 Bush win

Okay, so we might be wrong – but that didn’t stop the Republican media calling the election for their candidate four years ago.

So what that all the votes are not in yet and the legal challenges are yet to start, Anorak has called this election and Dubya is out on his well-rested arse.

Of course, the British papers all went to bed before the polls had even closed in many parts of the United States – so all they can tell us is that the contest is on a knife-edge.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow before they cast their expert eyes over proceedings.

Until then, it seems, all eyes are on Ohio, which Kerry has to win to have any chance of unseating President Bush after reports that Florida had plumped for the governor’s brother.

For, as we write, the situation is this – after months and months of campaigning, after record spending of more than $1bn, after all the lies and the insults, only one state had changed hands.

And one tiny little state it was too – New Hampshire, where there are about five people and five billion trees.

Assuming the remaining states vote as they voted in 2000, it would have been cheaper to have given every citizen of New Hampshire $1,000 each – and we could all have gone home months ago.

If voting changed anything, they would abolish it, London mayor Ken Livingstone once observed.

In the United States, they may just have to do that…’

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