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Tongue Sandwich

by | 3rd, November 2004

‘HEY, kids! Who wants some pukka tukka with good old mukka and chicken plukka Jamie Oliver?

”Take one very big chilli…”

That’s right. Form an orderly queue. Don’t push. The doors are locked from the outside and you’ll only be let out once Jamie has served up today’s school dinners.

The Express reports that Britain’s favourite chef has been back to school, whipping up a delicious concoction of stuff for his new show, Jamie’s School Dinners.

Jamie has been commissioned by London’s Greenwich Borough Council to design healthier menus for 50 of the area’s schools.

He wants to replace chips, pizzas and burgers with home-cooked dishes, like home-cooked pizzas, home-cooked burgers and chunky home-cooked chips.

”If they see veg, they go mad,” says Jamie, ”but they don’t notice if it’s mixed into something like a tomato ragout”.

While we all wonder why Jamie is the only person in the world never to have heard the time-honoured phrase, ”There’s bits in it”, he’s already hard at work.

So come on, kids, put down those chicken nuggets and raise a fork for kickin’ chicken, herb-crusted fish fillet with green salad (disguised as a plate of French fries) and sweet potato and lentil korma.

Smile for the cameras, kids – and then dash off to the vending machine for some proper food…’

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